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Like many people of my generation I've had a variety of careers, but I've never stopped taking pictures. My background (and my training) is in the film industry, having spent ten years working in the camera department of countless pop promos and adverting commercials. I spent a couple of years after this working as a photographer in the music industry before hanging up my camera-for-hire hat for ten years or so. Although I'd embarked on a separate career at this point (I'm pretty good at designing and building fitted wardrobes, in case you're wondering!) I was still shooting portraits regularly for magazines and covering events for charities.

Since 2011 I've come back to working as a full-time professional photographer. With the advent of digital technology there are many more photographers in the market place now but I have found that my strict training - taking two rolls of film on a job and absolutely having to deliver a magazine story – has been very useful both for my own satisfaction and for the confidence my clients place in me. My commercial work is mainly in the corporate field but also in the NGO/charity sector. This commercial work can be viewed on a separate website headphoto.co.uk.

This site you're on now is more for personal work and editorial work. The stories I've been shooting have been loosely based around themes of inclusion and I've published three photo books which are available at BoracicPress.com. I'm exploring other areas and ways of engaging with photography too. I'm currently enrolled on an MA in Photography at the University of Brighton, which I juggle in between commissions and life outside of taking and making photographs.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss sales, commissions or exhibition I can be contacted at photo [at] ravijuneja [dot] co [dot] uk.

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Ravi Juneja
London UK